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Denture Occlusal (Bite) Adjustment

The occlusion (bite) of a denture is critical to your ability to wear the denture successfully.  An uneven occlusion can lead to dentures which seem loose even though they fit the gums well.  Sore ridges can also be an indication that the occlusion of a denture is incorrect.

In order to analyze the occlusion of your denture, your dentist will watch very closely as your teeth come together.  If a slight adjustment is needed, your dentist will have you tap your teeth (bite) on some inked paper or ribbon to identify the teeth that need adjustment.  Your dentist may need to repeat this procedure several times to get your occlusion correct.

If your occlusion requires significant adjustment, your dentist will make a new recording of your bite.  He will use this recording to transfer your dentures back to a set of stone models of your teeth.  These models are mounted on an articulator, an instrument which simulates your jaw movements.  Here the adjustments can be made more rapidly and with greater precision than in your mouth.

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